The Future of Artificial Intelligence discussions with Professor Andy Pardoe and very special guests from across the field, from research to practice. We will discuss AI, robotics, science & emerging technologies, together with an in-depth look at how humanity will evolve over the coming years to best take advantage of AI based technologies. Topics will span Science, Technology, Business, Innovation, Startups, Careers and much more. Every episode is packed with insights, knowledge and debate about the Future of Artificial Intelligence. Join me on this amazing journey into the unknown, as we enter a unique point in our history, where humans have built machines that can solve problems better than us.

We have a number of themes covering different subject areas and perspectives. 

AI Now & Next
The Now and Next Series covers a variety of AI topics, with one eye on the future. Both technical and business subjects will be discussed.

AI Showcases
With an Industry and Sector perspective on AI use cases and challenges. 

AI Spotlights
Vendor and Technology spotlights, discussions with the vendor companies and their users. This gives great insight into the latest capabilities.

 Cover some of the most innovative Deep Tech and AI startups from the UK and from around the globe, but also discussions on the Startup landscape, startup challenges and opportunities.

Covering a range of skills and career development topics, personal and business coaching and mentoring

Dev Mgr
Specific theme on technical leadership, career development, mentoring and how the profession is changing


The Episodes:

  • The normal format will be 20-30mins
  • We will also have some Bite Sized Bits with shorter episodes of 5-10mins too.
  • Live Shows will have a full episode of 40-50mins plus an edited short edition of 20-30mins

We are always looking for Speakers and Partners

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The Host - Prof Andy Pardoe

To learn more about the host Prof Andy Pardoe please visit Pardoe.AI